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Obicha Bŭlgariya
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Out of Shape by ThisCrispyKat
Out of Shape
A portly Dragonite endeavors to impress a she-Dragonite with his flying skills, accomplishing the opposite. The Pokedex says that Dragonite are as intelligent as humans. That has some pretty bizarre implications. I mean, it's one thing capturing a Slowpoke or a Tauros and making it a fighter/pet/beast of burden, those kinds of Pokemon aren't particularly bright and probably barely know what's going on. Especially the Slowpoke.

It's like if you domesticate a feral mouse, it's probably not sitting beneath the upturned coconut half in it's cage, absentmindedly nibbling a cashew while it contemplates the lifelong implications of it's loss of freedom. It's not gonna flip it's water dish upside down, gather round the makeshift table with George Mouseington and Thomas Squeakerson to write up a Declaration of Independence on a particularly generous piece sawdust bedding. It's probably just psyched about all the food and the fact it doesn't have to deal with predators anymore. Add a few companion mice to the mix and change the scenery from time to time and that little guy's set for life.

But owning a Pokemon that's operating at the same intellectual level as a human? That sounds... awkward. And extremely unethical. And a verdammt good way to get a Pokemon uprising on your hands. Imagine watching some kid trying to bribe it's Dragonite into playing fetch for a Pokepuff and he's like "Perhaps later, human. I'm busy reading The Communist Manifesto."
Serena and Her Fennekin by ThisCrispyKat
Serena and Her Fennekin
The Pokedex has this to say about Fennekin; "Eating a twig fills it with energy, and its roomy ears give vent to air hotter than 390 degrees Fahrenheit." and "It intimidates opponents by puffing hot air out of its ears."

I had to read that twice, because at first I thought it just liked to chew twigs, like bubblegum. But no, apparently this thing can actually eat wood and derive nutrients from it. Is it just wood, or can it do that with anything combustible, like Calcifer? If Serena doesn't have any money for Pokemon food, can she just snap a branch off a tree and call it a feast? What do commercials for Fennekin food look like?

"Wood-O's! It's better than eating dirt."

"Twig Mix! We put a bunch of sticks in a bag, and now you're paying money for it!"

"Sawdust! No, seriously, why are you feeding that Fennekin Pokepuffs? It eats wood, stop wasting your money."

Also, 390 degrees? Heilige scheisse! And they gave that animal to a kid? Imagine, Serena's looking that fennekin in the eye, giving it a melodramatic pep talk about how they're going to win the fashion show because their feels are stronger than anyone else's feels, and all someone has to do is slam a door, or drop something, or do anything to spook that thing enough to get a blast of hot air shooting from it's ears and it's goodbye face!

Cheer up Serena, you're still the prettiest girl in the burn ward.
A Chip Off The Old Croc by ThisCrispyKat
A Chip Off The Old Croc
A Krookodile dad (Krookodad?) bonds with his Sandile son. Why do they call it Krookodile, anyway? They were obviously going for the bandit look, but the Pokedex doesn't say anything about it being a thief. Besides, isn't a crocodile kind of, y'know, not the first animal you'd hand pick to clean out Fort Knox? They're not exactly renowned for their finesse. But, hypothetically, let's say a Krookodile somehow managed to rob a bank. What's he going to do with that money, pop into the local Pokemart and casually wheel that little Sandile around in a shopping kart, hunting for some discount oran berries?

The funny part is, if he wanted too, there'd be nothing anyone could do about it. What's store security going to do, throw him out? Pokedex says this thing's jaws are strong enough to crumple an automobile like a car crusher. Security can't do scheiss. You'd have to wait in line behind that Krookadile after a long day at work thinking "Yep, this is my life" wondering how many times it'll try to swipe a gold bullion through the credit card machine before it sees the futility while watching it's wide-eyed Sandile play with it's toes and blow spit bubbles.

No such thing as an uneventful day in the Pokemon world.
Friends Stick Together by ThisCrispyKat
Friends Stick Together
I'm still trying to catch up on the Pokemon series. Still! I started in early 2015, and those Schweinehunde keep making new seasons, Gott! This was a mistake... and yet somehow I can't stop. think I've just got Stockholm Syndrome at this point. :stare:

First I started out remembering the show fondly and enjoying the first season or two.

Then the character development (or lack thereof) and writing stagnated but I waited and optimistically hoped they'd improve a little.

Then I went through a period of frustration once I realized they were not only content with mediocrity, but somewhere someone was making millions off it.

I sat through a few seasons on double the speed just to get it over with, probably wearing The General's thousand yard stare while contemplating the acres of forest that must've been felled to make this valueless insult to animation.

And finally once the time vampire that is the Pokemon anime finished sucking my soul dry I was at last able to enjoy the series again, just like old times. Once I stopped scrutinizing it with a magnifying glass, trying to find a good moral, decent writing/character development, passable animation or anything even remotely resembling a redeeming quality or the slightest effort, once I learned to step back and appreciate it for the lazy, mindless, directionless, melodramatic cash cow clusterfuck that it is, I had a blast.

How can anyone not burst out laughing when a stage performer Pokemon tripping in super cerial slow mo is the emotional zenith of an episode? Or when the Pokemon equivalent of a SWAT team repeatedly refers to a magical ancient artifact as "The Big Rock" with a straight face. Or when they're trying to play a character off as Broody McBadass but you're too busy biting your lip trying not to erupt into a fit of laughter over the give-up-on-life scarf he clearly ripped out of the insulation in his mother's attic to pay attention to their totally-how-real-people-actually-talk, doesn't-sound-anything-at-all-like-a-script dialogue. Oh, oh! Or how they always switch the age groups and write adults like kids and kids like adults! Get wrecked, Ash. That gym leader is five times your age and you never evolve your Pokemon; you won because he let you, not because you're a badass. Look at you, you don't even have an insulation scarf. Plebeian.

I can't tell if I love this show, or if Pokemon has just broken me. Probably the latter. :')
Where's Your God Now Shere Kahn by ThisCrispyKat
Where's Your God Now Shere Kahn
I forgot this thing was even in my art folder! Anyone still remember that show I told you about? Y'know, Budget Simba? Or as I like to call it, The Lion Thing. Did I mention in my original rant that a creepy anthropomorphic Monarchical yet somehow Communist at the same time firefly in a crystal cave tattoos the big dipper onto Simba's chest, which gives him DBZ powers for some reason? Because that was a thing that happened. Go see for yourself if you don't believe me.

Who's idea was it to give super powers to a child again? Be honest, if you could perform a Kamehameha when you were a kid, what would you have used it for? Probably nothing good or productive. To Budget Simba's credit he really took the whole "only use it when you absolutely have to" thing really seriously. Like, really seriously. So seriously that even when everyone he loves is being mauled to death by rabid dogs in front of his own eyes he won't even use it. That was also I thing that happened. But his son? Budget Simba Jr. flings those laser beams around like they're sticky hands.

The kid's a complete psychopath. In one of the later episodes, he carves out a mountainside Sayain style while fantasizing about killing Shere Kahn, and he's waaay too into it. I mean, a cub that small really shouldn't be holding a grudge this deep, especially considering the tiger's never done anything to him. I half expected him to become a villain by the end of the series.


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DyingMarshmallows Featured By Owner 2 days ago
After all this time, people are STILL commenting about your nazi stuff, lol.
PataPata11 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I really can't believe you don't care about the mass murder and mutilation of all those people preformed by the Nazis. I'm for socialism in some forms- I cannot support that symbol in any context. You are walking around with the symbol that was burned into the flesh of people who were walked to their deaths, tortured and killed. You have a completely lack of respect for that.
DragonStrider Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you sparing us your valuable time to share this information, your complementary cookies shaped like Swastikas are at the back button in the upper left corner of your browser.
NaniiMariee Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016  Student Digital Artist
You should really consider making a patreon oh my goodness
FalsusEquus Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like your art style and artworks, but the nazi stuff seems for me to seriously :/
I'll not watch you but take a look on your page from time to time to look forward for new artworks.

have a nice day :3
DragonStrider Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So I dont approve of your stuff but I will come back and look at it anyway. Thats a bit hypocritical ain't it?

You could use some nationalism, if not I heard Köln is good this time if year, what with all the rape going on :D
FalsusEquus Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah ok I know it sounds odd ^^;
your fan arts and the rest is a bunch of great artworks, your style for my opinion amazing,
it's just I'm very careful with this thematic and have problems to watch you because of this.
I just can't say if you make satire or if you sure with it.

I don't approve national socialism; more because what the past made out of it, than just the national awareness. Germany has a very interesting history full of great thinkers wonderful literature etc and it is a very beautiful land in my view (I love this land with all my heart), but after the second world war everyone is awkward of these national treasures.
I think it's sad that our children don't learn german children songs anymore in kindergarten or such stuff. But I'm also not a friend of the actual politic situation in germany.
It's complicating with the immigrants and who should now it not the best, I live in Berlin? We are a multy-cultural city. I don't have anything against these people I only wish other people would just think about it as the situation for them-selfs. they would be furious if they would get the same refusing reaction of all these national socialistic people if they would need a land they could find hospitality.

I just believe that the origin of the national socialism lost it's old meaning of loving the land you where born in and work for, to a corrupt, unfriendly and foreigner inimically way of view (world wide btw) under the flag of wrong proud.

I don't need this radical right-wing.
And for sure in Köln where some immigrants under the people who insulted these womans but the most of them where german born mans.
I think it should be wrong to destroy houses where the immigrants live in or to beat them up nearly to death. that is the actual national socialsim in germany.
DragonStrider Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright I suppose your English is not very good but this is just a note not criticism.

I am just going to be brief in summary to what you said.

Germany took National Socialism as a way out from a post WW1 situation that was worse than what some countries in the world today.

After the war Germany was cut up and faced 71 years of brainwashing, if you dont believe me there are American instructional movies for Soldiers on how to behave in post war Germany and how to root out and stomp out any remote form of nationalism to its core. Think about that for a bit please.

As for the migrants, most of these people are not comming from an active warzone or wartorn nation, they are mostly men in their 20s to 30s who are comming here to leach off the abundant welfare state countries like yours have provided.
Your Chancelor being the Christian Socialist Swine she is decided to open the floodgates for a mass of people that infiltrated her nation unchecked, unregulated and do whatever they please with authorities turning a blind eye.
What happened in Köln was in fact caused by men of middle eastern and african origins as many of the victims claim and the German authorities are doing EVERYTHING in their power to cover this up.

And on a last note, dont confuse skinheads with National Socialists, most people loyal to the idea of National Socialism are forced to hide and would probably not go around braking people's heads just because of their color or religion. At the core National Socialism is a fence, its followers believe that the fence exists because their country is theirs and that their ancestros lived and died to bring it into the 21st century. And people like those migrants should just stay on their side of the fence. That is all. Yes war is bad, yes we should help people who need help, but there is a limit. And no self respecting son of a Germanic man and woman should allow himself to be walked upon this way and sit idly as his nation is being destroyed.

I will not insult you, believe what you will. But if you are going to continue to sit here and tell me that a period of history that happened 71 years ago is worse than what is going on now, I full heartedly  believe your nation and any others like it deserve to be ethnicly whiped off the face of the map. Not from National Socialists, but by the people you yourselves are letting in so they can rape your women.
(2 Replies)
comicfam Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016
how are you?
Nutty-Nutzis Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Student General Artist
Okay, I'll finally admit it...


I'm Russian and I enjoy your artwork.

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