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The Littlest Nazi
United States


Unlikely Duo by ThisCrispyKat
Unlikely Duo
For :iconrommelnein: & :iconvinylbecks:

I wonder what a WWII-era panzer officer and a very contemporarily dressed snow leopard/cheetah hybrid could possibly have any business doing in the same picture? That sounds like the summary of a comedy movie.

Narrator: "He wanted to go back in time to win the war, but when his time machine malfunctions he wins a brand new friend... from the future!"

"So let me get zhis schtraight, you haff technology vhich puts zuh vorld at your fingertips, you can sprechen to anyvun in die Welt, visit any location you vish, and read anything you vish, often für free... but you use zhis technology to look at pictures of Katzen und argue vith complete schtrangers?"

"That about sums it up. I know it'll take a lot of adjustment, but I think you'll like the internet. Actually, you should feel right at home. You can't read two sentences on EweTube without running into a Kitler comparison."
Cloud Wyrms by ThisCrispyKat
Cloud Wyrms
Why is it that in every Care Bears reboot since the DiC/Nelvana series the Care Bear Cousins have been absent? Why do children seem more familiar with the Bears, always remembering their names? Why did the Great Wishing Star appoint the Care Bear Family guardians of Humanity, aren't there other lifeforms on this planet whose interests are worth guarding? I mean, it's not like a salmon can flop into city hall, pound it's fin on someone's desk, and file a complaint about pollution, as amusing as that would be. In my headcanon, the forest-dwelling Care Bear Cousins have been tasked with caring for the natural world, and it's usually the Bears who deal with human affairs.

Now, that's not so say there aren't any Cousins who work solely with humans or whose caring missions frequently bring them into contact with humans, there are plenty. Just as there are plenty of environmental Bears. But odds are if your cat's stuck in a tree or Free Willy's beached himself, it's probably going to be Care Bear Cousin who comes running. Er... flying. I'm almost surprised Nelvana never tried anything like this since it would've been a fairly logical step: the Care Bear Cousins live in a forest and probably know more about flora and fauna (assuming any fauna other than birds, unicorns, and Bob actually live in the Forest of Feelings...) while Care Bears have cars, carnivals, lighthouses, and live in cloud/heart themed German fairytale villages.

Wait, German fairytale...? That coupled with the fact the Care Bear Family only seems to notice white children makes me think Klaus isn't as out of place as everyone thinks he is...

Anyway, a car hardly seemed like the best mode of transportation for the environmentally themed Cousins, so I wracked my brains for an alternative. Rainbow Rollers? Nah, it's got a wheel. Where do you find wheels in nature? Cloudhorses? No, I don't think Noble Heart would be comfortable. It has to be an animal, but an animal that would never exist in the Care Bear Family. Something unusual.... oh! There was a cloud worm in the show! ... But that's a little bland, isn't it? A plain, white cloud worm? Wait, what if it was a cloud wyrm, as in dragon? Now we're getting somewhere!

So I pulled up some photos of those old toy cloud mobiles from the 80s and designed a cloud wyrm around them. it took me awhile to figure out how the Cousins manage to stay on the wyrms' backs. I considered bridles and long reigns. That's all well and good until the wyrm lands and you get a mouthful of dirt. I then gave the wyrms long cottoncandy fluffs near the base of their wings which a Cousin could grip, but that still posed some problems. Finally, I settled on shorter rainbow reigns and a saddle with stirrups. I imagine it'd be a constant battle to stay in the saddle, but at least now it wouldn't be impossible. I'm sure they have their ways. Wyrms are faster and much more agile than a cloud car, they have to be in order to weave through thick woodlands or jungles. The drawback is less safety. No windshields or seat belts here!

Wyrms work the same as a cloud car, meaning that the Cousins create them with their tummy symbols and they simply poof out of existence when their purpose is served. Say, Klaus' tummy symbol runs off hatred instead of caring, right? What would one of his cloud wyrms look li-- ohhh... I'll bet the Allies had fun with that one.
Twilight's Castle (My Headcanon) by ThisCrispyKat
Twilight's Castle (My Headcanon)
I just had to try my luck at my tree crystal castle idea. I'm not very experienced with architecture or interiors, but anything would be an improvement over the castle's current look. I don't enjoy the canon design at all. Not only does it exist for the sole sake of merchandizing, but it's more out of place than a sickle and star at a Nuremberg rally: it doesn't blend with Ponyville's rustic charm. The interior with it's jagged purple/blue crystals and tall, slender green windows feels cold, dark, and more befitting an evil queen than the princess of friendship. And besides, we've already got an entire empire made of crystal (I can already hear Herr Strider growling "It's a city state, not an empire!") we don't need another crystal structure. You could argue that the castle's colour scheme and rigid shapes were chosen with Twilight's design/personality in mind, but that still doesn't do it for me. If it's a castle of friendship, shouldn't it have warmer, more welcoming colours? Shouldn't it compliment all of the mane 6's personalities? Also, good luck getting a purple unicorn to stand out against a purple and blue backdrop.   

In my headcanon the Tree of Harmony replaces Twilight's destroyed library with a giant half-wood only-partially-crystal tree castle, I think it sits someplace behind where the canon one is now, that way half of its root system lay in the water - that fountain has to have some kind of source, and since we're dealing with natural wood we know it isn't piped in. Plus I don't think we've seen a castle with a waterside view in the show, that'd help it stand out. Instead of a Twilight-centered interior design, the treecastle has elements that compliment each of the Mane 6: an awesome skylight, regal curtains, rustic cushions, tranquil foliage, and confetti cannons. Hidden ones. Plus it's so similar to the library Twilight won't feel restless and we can just skip the twenty-two minute padding-- I mean... "slice of life" episode that is Castle Sweet Castle.

I bet it'll grow new/bigger rooms as the centuries roll by. I think by the time Twilight has taken Celestia's place and is grooming a future-alicorn student of her own, we'll be dealing with Yggdrasil levels.
Twilight Flight (Film Grain) by ThisCrispyKat
Twilight Flight (Film Grain)
Say, d'you think that as the centuries pass and Twilight becomes more powerful, her appearance will become more princessy? You know, like will she have a more diverse colour scheme and a flowy mane, or get even taller? I heard somewhere that, since she's an artificial alicorn, Twilight will have a normal lifespan and never be as powerful as the royal sisters, but then what motivation did Celestia have for for making her an alicorn? Wasn't it so she could take Celestia's place? Is it just standard practice to turn newly crowned royals into alicorns? Then why don't Prince Blue Blood and Shining Armor have wings? Are only mares allowed to be alicorns? That's kind of misandristic, isn't it? Wait, do all true alicorns have flowing manes? Is Cadence an artificial alicorn? Why does Equestria need four princesses anyway? Shouldn't Celestia be a queen? Why are Celestia's and Twilight's castles so close to each other, isn't that like moving the White House next to Buckingham Palace? Speaking of castles, are they ever going to fix Twilight's? Why couldn't it have been a treecastle, or a half-wood half-mineral treecrystalcastle? You don't see very many treecrystalcastles. It might look like a mishmash, but then again it might turn out real purdy. :dummy:

Spike: "...then he slid and it landed smack dab on top of her head! You should've seen the look on Luna's face!"
Twilight: "Come on Spike, that's not funny."
Spike: "Then why are you smiling?"


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Deadman1230 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Are you really a nazi? Like all kill the Jews, blacks and gay?
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art trades? :O
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I am over here drooling over your Arabian ponies in the size chart. It would be most excellent if you did some Aquestria (sea-dwelling ponies and creatures) like those who are in the MLP book Under the Sparkling Sea.
Just a thought! I love your art!
Vulcade Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you remember there is a very special day coming up, Crispy
Andranis Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know, I was binge-watching the Nostalgia Critic videos on the series of Care Bears movies, and in the most recent one(For Care Bears: Nutcracker Suite), he pointed out... They ALWAYS help the EXACT same type of kid. Cue Anna(Nutcracker), Alice(Wonderland), Dawn and John(New Generation), and Kim(Original movie). Three movies and one holiday special, there's 9 kids, and 2/3 are blue-eyed blondes and the other three are... All brown-haired. 0 with black hair or red hair... And yup, he made the comparison to the Nazis.

Klaus REALLY doesn't pop out that much anymore after viewing that again, does he? At least he wears it where others can see it and doesn't hide it!
RockstarRaccoon Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*browses your gallery...*
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That's a shame that I didn't watch you before !
superlucky13 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 7, 2015  Student
I bet you get this question a lot, but I couldn't find an FAQ so I'm just going to ask it any way...what's the deal with all the Nazi imagery?

From what I've seen your work doesn't contain hateful messages,  in fact the choice to make your characters Nazi's seems like a purely visual one. So what's the point in all this? Do you just think the uniform looks cool or something? -_-
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