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Obicha Bŭlgariya
United States


France, France Everywhere by ThisCrispyKat
France, France Everywhere
Palladium: "Ah, Général! Welcome back, mon ami. Ow was your mission?"

General Klaus: "Successful."

Palladium: "Keeping a tight lip, I see. Seventy years on from zee end of zee war and steel you are keeping secrets like zee Kremlin eez listening."

General Klaus: "Zhere ist never an end to var, Herr Palladium."

Palladium: "Vrai, vrai. But never mind such dreary talk, there eez something I must tell you about le petit chat..."

General Klaus: "Vas? Vhat's wrong? Ist she hurt? Vhere ist she?"

Palladium: "Non, non, be calm, eet is nothing like that. She eez alright."

General Klaus: "Don't frighten me like zhat..."

Palladium: "In fact, she eez much more than alright. She eez French."

General Klaus: "Vas! I schpecifically told you not to fill her head vith Französisch nonsense!"

Palladium: "Oh hon hon hon, blame Mother Nature, mon ami, not I! She was French long before I got to her! German and French, a magnifique combination, oui? Oh, you need not speak, I can tell by zee look on your face you are as delighted as I am."

General Klaus: *Spluttering*

So I recently discovered that I could very well have French ancestry. Well, actually it's not so much a "could" as it is a "pretty much inevitably." I haven't got that in writing, and I don't recall ever being made aware of any French ancestors, but apparently the ancestral town of one side of my family is so tightly clustered with the descendants of French immigrants there had to have been some overlap. This explains so many things: the pickiness regarding art, the way I'd repeatedly rewind and re-watch The Aristocats and Gay Purr-ee when I was younger, my obsession with the Catacombs of Paris and pickles (but not together. That'd be unhygienic. Anyway, the catacombs suffer enough vandalism without me prancing about with a cornichon basket tossing pickles like some kind of pickle pixie.)  

Well Kameraden-- I mean... Mesdames et Messieurs, if you need me I'll be in the kitchen eating every word I've ever said against the French and washing it down with a glass of karma. To La Marseillaise While a smug Charles de Gaulle watches.
Rabbits, Cowboys, and MIBs, Oh My! by ThisCrispyKat
Rabbits, Cowboys, and MIBs, Oh My!
For :iconduck-ward:, or more specifically some Freunde of Herr Gentleduck's who are celebrating their birthdays very soon. Party

The characters are their OCs, with a few artistic liberties on my part. The way Herr Quackquack described them to me the buffalo bartender, Clint Eastwolf, and bulldog are all supposed to be Wild West-themed characters, but after reading that the bulldog wore shades the uncontrollable impulse to revamp once again overtook me.

"Were there shades in the Old West? I thought they were a modern invention. Wait, what if the bulldog isn't from the old west? What if he's a time traveler? Now, what would a time-traveling sunglasses/black suit wearer be doing in the old west, unless... I've got it! He's an MIB! Er... DIB! Dog In Black. Maybe that's how the Easter Bunny got here, too. Maybe a time rift opened up smack dab in the middle of an Easter Day parade!... Which for some reason was attended by DIBs. You know, like they always are."

Bulldog: "Have you seen any suspicious looking eggs here today, ma'am? No? Good answer, because eggs don't exist. And neither do DIBs. This conversation never happened."
Duck Ward Pony by ThisCrispyKat
Duck Ward Pony
For :iconduck-ward:, suavest gentlecolt in all of Prance!

His special talent is suaveitude (not to be confused with Slavitude, which is Herr Strider's specialty), and his cutie mark represents the sophisticated and gentlecoltly poise with which he breezes through life, like a duck on the surface of a tranquil pond. He can talk his way out of (or into) almost anything. Why, he could talk Flim and Flam into giving him their cutie marks, were it possible!
I was getting a little fed up at how the world overlooks Bulgaria, and what better way to to generate interest and awareness of this deeply mysterious yet sadly oft overlooked former empire than by Slavicizing my ID for a while?...Huh? What irony? Where? I don't see it. Oh, you mean that irony! Actually, it's not ironic at all if you know the first thing about the second World War... which most people don't, so I'll explain: Nazi Germany was allied with several Slavic countries, and the Eastern European country of Bulgaria and Germany were allies during both World Wars. They're like two fascist peas in a black leather pod, so as far as I'm concerned Bulgaren sind meine Kameraden. :dummy:

The characters, apart from Ludwig (the eternally disgruntled wolf) and Crispy are icons of Bulgarian culture, like Sharkolia (the pegasus mount of a Slavic folk hero), the Zmey (an intelligent dragon with three heads, each with it's own personality), and Bulgaria's national animal, the lion. The acorn with oak leaves between his paws is also a national emblem, symbolizing strength through unity. It's not permanent, but I'm such a slow worker it's sure to be quite some time before I update my ID again. In fact, I think I'll just leave it like this until... however long it takes Sharkolia's disproportionately large head/un-horseishly tiny body to start freaking me out. How's Krali Marko s'posed to ride that thing?

Anyway, Vive Bulgaria!

Crispy: "Yeah! Vive Bulgaria, down with the Ottoman scum!"
Ludwig: "Kote, the Ottomans were defeated long time ago."
Crispy: "Then down with them a second time!"
Ludwig: "Don't tempt me, I vas never beeg fan of dhose addeetions dhey made to Hagia Sophia. Feenish your banitsa before lion gets any ideas, I do not like de vay he is eyeing dis picnic."
Crispy: "I'd be more worried about Sharky. Did you give him permission to put his face in the yogurt?"
Ludwig: "Kakvo? Hey! Get avay from dhere! Spri!"
Kuma Lisa by ThisCrispyKat
Kuma Lisa
Kuma Lisa (or кума лиса if you prefer) is a mischievous vixen in Bulgarian folklore. I couldn't find any fanart of her, so I thought I'd make some. Her dress is the traditional costume of the Sophia region, which is fitting because Sophia is a big city. Characters of Kuma Lisa's ilk do tend to gravitate toward places like that. Especially the kind with suits and briefcases. Come on Kuma Lisa, you're too smart to be a petty criminal. Everyone knows the big time swindlers work for public office! What? You stole that sack of coins from a politician? Alright then, carry on. I never saw you.

No swastikas this time I'm afraid, Herr Strider insisted against them. He is a gottverdammte Commie doesn't want any Bulgarian passerby's without DeviantArt accounts to overlook the art. The idea is to lure more Bulgarians Googling things like "Sharkolia" or "Kuma Lisa" onto DA. So we can trap them here. And make them our special friends. And we probably definitely wouldn't dream of taking them to any fenced in outdoor facilities. Nope. Never.


No journal entries yet.


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