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Obicha Bŭlgariya
United States


Hector Heart Dragon by ThisCrispyKat
Hector Heart Dragon
:icongeneral-palladium:'s OC, Hector Addlermann, as a Care Bear Cousin dragon. Hector is a friendly priest, helping children is a big part of his story/character and he's pretty childlike himself, so I thought he'd be right at home in Care-a-Lot. :dummy:

Just look at those puppy-dog eyes! You'd never guess he was Isaac Addlermann's son. Sometimes the gene pool throws you a wildcard... and sometimes it throws you a Care Bear Catholic priest dragon, but only if you're really lucky.

Isaac Addlermann: "Funny, I don't feel really lucky right now..."
Never Say Never (Clean) by ThisCrispyKat
Never Say Never (Clean)
The clean version, for all you 2000s kids out there. Are you getting tired of hearing me say that? It's just that there's not a whole lot to say in these clean-version descriptions... I should just start putting random stuff here instead, like dingbats! ✪ ✿ ✠

...No? Alright, then how about a question: what's your favorite colour? ...Too basic, huh? How about this one: if you could turn General Klaus into any creature, real or imaginary, what would it be?

... You're going to pick something weird, aren't you? Please, don't make me visualize Japanese spider crab Klaus.
Never Say Never (Film Grain) by ThisCrispyKat
Never Say Never (Film Grain)
When I saw Google's graphic commemorating the 130th anniversary of France delivering the Statue of Liberty to the United States, I knew what needed to be done. :stare:

There are several funny things about this picture: Palladium's first name is Henri (the same as the pigeon from American Tail), General Klaus' little edelweiss is playing the part of Fievel Mousekewitz (Fievel is a Russian Jewish immigrant, that's a triple whammy), and Henri looks like he's got birdy boobies.

Palladium: "And never say never again!"
Crispy: "But Henri, you've said it like a bazillion times! I'm never gonna find Klaus at this rate..."
Palladium: "Ah ah ah, never say never! Now say that, go on."
Crispy: "You just told me not to, though..."
Palladium: "Oh, so I did."

*Musical number ends abruptly*
Eggshell Waltz by ThisCrispyKat
Eggshell Waltz
It's a running gag between :icongeneral-palladium: and I that, though Palladium is married and Klaus is as straight as a flag pole, it doesn't stop the rooster from trolling his favorite feathered Fascist every chance he gets by subtly coming onto him, just to get The General's dander up. Or perhaps he doesn't do it on purpose, perhaps it's just a cross-cultural misunderstanding. Or the fact General Palladium was once violently struck in the head by a horse and has a few screws loose. Or it could be a combination of all three of those things. Either way, Palladium's Frenchness too often comes off as gayness to the Medieval-minded Klaus. Naturally this displeases him, and heil-arity insues. xD

But few people can poke this bear and get away with it with their faces in tact, so the very fact Klaus tolerates this behavior must mean he regards Palladium as a guter Kamerad. After all, he'd never let anyone he didn't trust within a ten miles of Fraulein Katze, much less babysit her. And now for the translations, in case anyone finds Klaus'/Palladium's broken English difficult to understand:

Panel I
General Klaus: "Fool! What were you thinking? You could've gotten us both killed!"

Panel II
General Klaus: "You realize if you were one of my men and this had been a wartime situation, I could've had you sho--"

Panel III
General Klaus: "What... are you doing?"
General Palladium: "I think someone is a little tense, and could do with a nice relaxing dance, yes?"
General Klaus: "This is a minuet."
General Palladium: "Yes."
General Klaus: "The minuet is French!"
General Palladium: "Magnificent, General, correct again! You are so cultured... for a German."
General Klaus: "I will not participate in a French dance!"

Panel IV
General Palladium: "Then I will waltz!"
General Klaus: "You will do no such thing!"
General Palladium: "Sing? If you insist!"
The New Adventures of Sly Peter by ThisCrispyKat
The New Adventures of Sly Peter
Sly Peter (or Хитър Петър, if you prefer) is a popular character in Bulgarian folklore. He's like an Eastern European cross between Robin Hood and Puck, and when he's not pinching guns off Ottomans' belts to donate to the resistance (and subsequently dodging a few boulders for his trouble) he turns his attention toward uppity nobles and corrupt clerics. I think of Sly Cooper every time I hear his name, hence the reason I opted to turn him into raccoon. Good gods, can you imagine what'd happen if Sly Peter and Kuma Lisa teamed up? They could star in their own animated series, a 20 minute long romp through 19th century Bulgaria, thwarting the Ottoman empire one slapstick gag at a time. Just for the sake of future reference, any Bulgaria-related art from here on out (assuming it has a background detailed enough to conceal one) will not have a swastika, but an ancient Bulgarian rune. It looks something like this: |Y|

Zaptie: "Theif! Give me back my weapon!"
Sly Peter: "Sorry, no can do."
Zaptie: "Why not?"
Sly Peter: "Little babies shouldn't play with guns."
Zaptie: "What makes you think I'm a baby?!"
Sly Peter: "The giant red diaper, for starters. That and the clueless, empty expression."


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Oh the satire is ripe in her art. Step back a moment and take a deep breath. Hogans Heros is the same as her art.
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I really like your work in your gallery I think it's lush and talented
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