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The Littlest Nazi
United States


Lofty Heart Swallow Cel by ThisCrispyKat
Lofty Heart Swallow Cel
Just fooling around with the filters in Photoshop. It's funny, for the longest time I've been trying to make my art as clear and glossy as possible... and now I'm pouring on sharpness and film grain like it's 1986.

Oh! And by the way, you're going to have to zoom in to spot the swastika this time, it's very, very tiny. What? Don't give me that look, you try playing hide and seek on a salt flat and see how far you get. xD
Let's Visit Uncle Palladium by ThisCrispyKat
Let's Visit Uncle Palladium
What does The General do if he has to go on a long kämpfen mission very far away? Well, naturally he can't leave the Fräulein all alone, but where can she stay? Not with Ludwig, Bulgaria is too... Bulgarian. The Care Bears? Too liberal, might fill her head with Cultural Marxist drivel. So that only leaves...

General Klaus: "I vill return in zwei wochen. Try not to fill her head vith too much Französisch nonsense, verstanden?... Herr Palladium?"
General Palladium: "Come Mademoiselle, there eez much een France wish to show you!
Crispy: "Like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre?"
General Palladium: "Oh hon hon hon! France eez not just Paris, mon petit chaton!"
Crispy: "There's more?"
General Palladium: "But of course!"
General Klaus: "I am going to regret zhis, aren't I?"
General Palladium: "Fear not, Monsieur Klaus, I shall take great care. Why, she wiill be eating fromage la baguette and singing La Marseillaise in no time!"
General Klaus: "Zhat ist exactly vhat I am afraid of...

General Palladium © :icongeneral-palladium:
Klaus On A Maus by ThisCrispyKat
Klaus On A Maus
When I first created General Klaus I did so knowing nothing of the Third Reich's ranks or uniforms, so like many newbies I simply defaulted to the very recognizable SS cap and armband. I've long since learned better, but I'm so used to it I never righted his design (Odin knows it's Right enough as it is. xD)

But I thought it would be neat to actually draw The General as a general for once and, I have to admit, I'm seriously considering keeping him this way. You could make the case he always preferred the SS uniform over his own or that he likes it's instant recognizability, but a general's attire is more accurate. Plus he looks so... in charge. It's got to be the collar. I'll miss the armband, though. Apparently general's didn't wear them. Then again he's not in the Wehrmacht anymore (well, not technically anyway. I'm sure if you were to ask Klaus he'd tell you the war never ended) but who's going to object to him wearing one now?

What do you guys think? Old Klaus, new Klaus, optional armband?... Or would you just like to see Klaus as a space pirate or something? xD
SO MUCH FAT by ThisCrispyKat

Cheer Bear: "Lol, you're all fat!"
Polite Panda: "That's not very nice... and besides, at least we're not as bad as Swift Heart."
Proud Heart: "Yeah Swift Heart, gawd. What've you got in there, the Great Wishing Star?"
Swift Heart: "Can one of you guys roll me back to my house? I've been here for days..."

I was practicing Care Bear anatomy one day, just trying to figure out where all the muscles and organs were, because in a world of cloud-dwelling multi-coloured animals accurate anatomy is relevant, and it suddenly occurred to me how exceedingly fat a pregnant Care Bear would be. We're dealing with Churchill levels man, Churchill levels! Polite Panda is only expecting a singleton, and she doesn't walk so much as she waddles. Proud Heart (who in my headcannon is a tabby) is with twins. Tugs has tied a string to her tail after having understandably mistaken her for a balloon. And Swift Heart, who in my fanverse I unthinkingly gave sextuplets... well, it appears every unwitting star buddy who wanders within range is being pulled into her orbit.

Mein Gott, what have I done?
Isaac Addlermann by ThisCrispyKat
Isaac Addlermann
"This had better be worth my time. Not too close, the bird mauls people."

Alternate title: "I Am Isaac Addlermann, And This Is My Magic Murderbird" xD

Addlermann is one of :icongeneral-palladium:'s characters. I don't know much about the former military man turned politician, but he strikes me as the cold, calculating, strictly business type, hence the unwelcoming, desaturated blue lighting. I wanted to make it look as though he was so hardhearted, his very presence sucks warm colours out of the room.

Entschuldigen sie about the lack of a swastika, I deliberately left it out just in case Herr Palladium ever wanted to upload the image to site that didn't allow them.


No journal entries yet.


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FurPuff Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

Remind you of anything? XD
Bianca-di-Palermo Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's a shame that I didn't watch you before !
superlucky13 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 7, 2015  Student
I bet you get this question a lot, but I couldn't find an FAQ so I'm just going to ask it any way...what's the deal with all the Nazi imagery?

From what I've seen your work doesn't contain hateful messages,  in fact the choice to make your characters Nazi's seems like a purely visual one. So what's the point in all this? Do you just think the uniform looks cool or something? -_-
Vulcade Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
These days I have very limited internet and I only go on DeviantART to see if you have posted anything new, then I am staring at the screen playing spot the swastika! Love that game
SwiftHeartWolf Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sorry but it makes me mad when people deny what's right I front of their eyes, like this very moment my dad turned it to a nazi documentary and the images of what they did to all the people hitler hated was just plain disturbing.
SwiftHeartWolf Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did you also know that the teachers in Germany taught little kids that Jew were dirty and that's the killed little children and cut their throats.
SwiftHeartWolf Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Also if it's just satire work, why has it been going on for so long, in my opinion you should just give it arrest but keep drawing.
SwiftHeartWolf Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your not going to read this anyway, but tell me! Tell me! How all those sick images of starving people and there bodies in huge pile, all the piles of shoes, came along. Tell me how those poor people who escaped don't know what there talking about. You can't say that they just killed Jews because they didn't, they killed bisexuals, metally disabled, people who didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes, Christians, rasis other than white. If the Nazis still existed and I livd over there I would be slaughtered because of my ancestors, even though I am German. I love you art, but I'm sorry I can't stand that your a nazi or that you support the nazis, I belive you have the right to believe of like whatever you want but you can go around saying they didn't do what they actually did.
YandereSalmonShark Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude.Chill. There is no proof that there a real a nazi or whatever.I myself sometimes draw nazi theme things but its only for a joke. nothing serious. Yes i know that the Holocaust was bad, Hiter himself was bad. Hell one of best friend's grand parents were in the Holocaust,but they understand when something a mild joke and not.That's what dark humor is.To get rid of fears from this god awful world.You guys should at least give them credit for putting a warning on it.That's what warnings are forif you don't like that you see move on from it.It's not that hard.If it triggers you avoid it.But just because someone's art portrays triggering detail doesn't mean you have the to assume what they exactly are.Just because they draw art with sensitive detail doesn't mean they are a Nazi.Assuming is the last thing you want to do.
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