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Grams Bear
The ending to the original Care Bears Movie demonstrated that one human lifetime is the blink of an eye to a Care Bear, so how old is Grams Bear exactly? What's Sour Sam's deal and how does Grams know him? Speaking of Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise, it seems like she'd returned from a very long trip, so long her personality changed drastically. Where was she? Vacation? Top priority caring mission? ...Deutschland? :stare:

I wish Nelvana had made an origins movie for Grams, out of all the canon CBF members she brings up the most questions for me. True Heart is often referred to as "the first Care Bear" and, to be sure, she probably got her tummy symbol first, but that title can't technically be accurate, taking Grams' age into account. Most fans seem to speculate that Grams was always old, that the Great Wishing Star just saw a doddering grey bear limping around the woods and was like "Well, she'd be a liability on a caring mission, can't reproduce, and it'd kind of make me an ass bestowing an elder with a Care Bears' lifespan thereby condemning them to live countless human generations in the twilight of their life, buuut... having a grandma bear really sounds cute. Bam! Now your perma-old."

But I'm not so sure. That's not the kind of decision I'd make if I were a non-denominational star god meticulously combing the world for Care Bear candidates. She seems too wise and knowledgeable to've only gained sentience relatively recently. I think Grams was transformed as a young bear and aged naturally. Y'know, like Klaus. Speaking of angry old Nazis, I'll bet his hippie double would get a kick out of those "happy apple pies." The Care Bear Stare is supposed to drug you and even that wouldn't dispel the effects of the crabby apple pies otherwise Grams would've stared the effected bears and been done with it. So ask yourself this: what did she put in those things? Marainbowjuana?

Weltfrieden: "Zuh colours, dude! Zuh colours!"
Loyal Heart: "I'm colour-blind, Weltfrieden."

Courtesy of the Care Bear Wiki, today I learned: Grams went to (a presumably human) college, and she along with the orphaned cubs were rescued from Dark Heart's lair by the founders according to the comics. Well, this explains at least how the founders didn't die from exhaustion raising the CBF. Actually that was always my theory, that Grams would hop between Care-a-Lot and the Forest of Feelings every week or two to give either True or Noble Heart some much needed relief. 
Heartsong Bear
"Heartsong is all about music, and isn't picky about what she listens to. There doesn't seem to be any moment where a song isn't knocking around in her head or coming out her mouth. Her talent is being able to turn any feeling or mix any sound into an appropriate song for any situation. If music is the universal language, consider her a diplomat." - Care Bear Wiki

Wait, so Heartsong's caring mission is to bridge social barriers and promote understanding... with music? Some of these new bears' caring missions have fascinating implications! ... Shame American Greetings is too corporatey and merchandisey to do anything creative with them. And what's up with those tummy symbols? A heart within a purple, fuschia, and yellow beamed note surrounded by more hearts? And I thought they ran out of ideas with Proud Heart's symbol, now they're just being sloppy. None of the original bears' emblems were ever so cluttered. A simple lyre would've sufficed. Besides, I thought we already had a female pop-music bear: isn't that Harmony's schtick? Since Harmony Bear is hip, young, and female, let's make Heartsong Bear square, old, and male to balance things out. One bear for the pop music scene, another for the classical crowd.

"But Crispy, you already have Baroque Bear, remember?"

Precisely! For every popular new thing it is required by law that there be a minimum of two dusty old antique things to steal the new thing's thunder. It's the rule. The rule congress passed right just now. See? It's right here under the part about Mandatory Monocle Mondays."

General Klaus: *excited bird noises*  

"This image is a new thing, so..."

So we'll leave the audience with a photograph of that embarrassing little incident young Klaus had with that French plane back in WW1 (of course it had to be a French plane) and some frumpy baroque harp music (incidentally, I like to listen to this playlist whilst Googling image results for "pastel Victorian dollhouse." Welcome inside the mind of a swastika scribbler, push the tiny stuffed Reichsadlers to one side and have a seat. It's pinker than you'd imagined, isn't it?)
All The Oppressions That Are Done Under The Sun
*Careless Whisper starts playing*

Just kidding. Es tut mir leid, I couldn't resist. :')

I've been trying to figure out Weltfrieden's deal for ages. I mean, I'm not satisfied with "herp-a-derp he's a hippie in this AU because herp-a-derpity-do-dah!", I like walking the maze, trying to figure out what lead a character to take this or that turn. Like how exactly would the psyche of a staunch National Socialist/Wehrmacht general morph over time into a hippie? What is the missing component in the Klaus + ? = Weltfrieden equation?

And then it hit me! It makes perfect sense: Weltfrieden is an Antinatalist. :la:

An Antinatalist is... well, in plain English it's basically someone who believes creating new life, whether it's breeding pets, livestock, or in the context of this picture, ubermensch, is unethical as it will eventually - either for the new individual or his/her descendants - lead to some sort of suffering, whether that suffering is something severe or traumatic like molestation, rape, cancer, beatings, mentall illness, torture, old age or death, or something not-so-severe like breaking an arm, loneliness, or being stuck with a boring job where you're not appreciated. Antinatalism goes hand in hand with Atheism, so the idea is that, as life has no meaning and the individual will cease to exist anyway, there's no point in bringing them into a world where they will inevitably suffer for no justifiable cause other than their parents wanting to have a baby.

A cheerless, sobering philosophy, I know, but as far as I've seen Antinatalists seem quite compassionate, hence the preoccupation with preventing suffering, so it doesn't contradict Weltfrieden's... John Lenon-ness. The way I see it, Weltfrieden didn't slough off Nationalism in favor of hedonism, he just didn't see the point in the evolutionary arms race. I think Weltfrieden is still a Speciesist in some regards (believing not all animal species are equal in terms of intelligence, temperament, magical ability, et cetera), he's probably more like Klaus than Klaus realizes, agreeing with the old war gryph on many points except for one:

snapping the other guy's neck and raising your bloody talons overhead in a fist of triumph again and again for all eternity for no other reason than to shout "I win the Darwin game!" makes one no better than the bugs and is not how he would define superiority.

Klaus: "Zhis ist eine vaste of mein time, I vill never underschtand vhat could've possibly turned mich, mich of alle animals, somevun who in any universe should know besser, into... into..."

Weltfrieden: "Eine Pazifist?"

Klaus: "I vas going to say traitorous vould-be-Bolshevist coward."

Weltfrieden: "Ist zhat alle you vere after? Vhy didn't you say so? Zhis vould've saved you ein few hours."

Klaus: "You vere high für zuh first few hours. You sought your own tail vas zuh Buddha und tried to have eine philosophical discussion about parenthood in zuh Soviet Union vith it."

Weltfrieden: "Ah? Oh! Wirklich? Hah hah, far out, Mann. Vell, to answer your qvestion, I simply--"

Klaus: "Smoked zuh peace pipe vith Native Amerikanisch Einhorn Mondkinder who took you to zuh rainbow carnival on Planet Perfekt vhere you alle und joined paws to singen Kumbaya?"

Weltfrieden: "Ja Mann, es war fantastisch. Aber im alle seriousness, I came to einer realisierung."

Klaus: "I too have come to einer realisierung: es ist time fur Fräulein Katze und I to find zhat vormhole und return home, auf wiedersehen und get ein haarschnitt, hippie.

Weltfrieden: "Warum?"

Klaus: "Es ist to keep you from looking like ein bum."

Weltfrieden: "Nein, nein, I mean zhat vas mein realisierung."

Klaus: "Fascinatink. Vhen vill das Buch be published?"

Weltfrieden: "You should try es. Warum bist du ein Nazi? Come now, don't roll your eyes, tell mich vhy you do vhat you do."

Klaus: "You vere in zuh National Socialist Party und can't even remember zhat? To secure eine future für Occidentalisches Beasts."

Weltfrieden: "... Mann you're goink to haff to run zhat by mich again, Ich bin schtill too high für - vhat vas es? - Accident-delicious beasts?"

Klaus: "Okzidentalisch! As im relatink to zuh Vest. Vestern beasts, du schwachkopf!

Weltfrieden: "Ah! Recht. I remember now. Ja, aber vhy zuh Okzident? Vhy not zuh Orient, or Afrika?"

Klaus: "Animals from zuh Okzident are, on average, superior. Not perfekt, aber--"

Weltfrieden: "Superior how? In vhat vay are ve besser?"

Klaus: "In every vay. Besser art, besser musik, besser physique, besser architektur und philosophy, b--"

Weltfrieden: "So?"

Klaus: "So? Vas do you mean so? Does your heritage mean nussing to you?"

Weltfrieden: "Es does nicht if alle zhat superior art, musik, und architektur cannot schtop us shootink each ozher."

Klaus: "Zhat's zuh vay Mutter Natur vorks. Do you sink I like es anymore zhan you do? Get zhat aus of your head, Ich bin kein Sadist. I did vhat Deutschland needed mich to do so future generations could--"

Weltfrieden: "Make art, musik, architektur, und zhen shoot each ozher.

Klaus: "Never vas es mein intention to see ein second Weltkrieg."

Weltfrieden: "I know es vasn't, zherein lies zuh tragedy. No matter how besser zuh soeciety ist, ve both know vhere ve ended up after alle zuh operas und art exhibitions: schtandink im einen trench vhere zwanzig beasts ve vere singen mit only die nacht before vere reduced to fur, bones, und scattered chunks of fleisch."

Klaus: "Aber--"

Weltfrieden: "Zhey vere innocent kinder vunce, und ich bin sure zheir Vaters did vhat Deutschland needed zhem to do für future generations, too."

Klaus: "... var kann nicht be avoided, aber zhere are times also of peace."

Weltfrieden: "Peace für some aber nicht für ozher's. How many monsters has our superior architektur hunted down und slain?

Klaus: "Zuh Okzident, too, has problems as I said, aber ve are more fortunate zhan zuh rest of die Welt in zhis regard, also. Kinder are safer here."

Weltfrieden: "Ah, und zhis makes us besser? Zuh suffering of vun hundred kinder ist bad aber only vun kinder suffering ist gut?"

Klaus: "You tvist mein vords, I never said zhat."

Weltfrieden: "Suppose zuh vun kinder in qvestion vas your kleines Edelweiß? Eine Welt vhere only she ist tortured und everyvun else has zuh fun time, zhis place ist civilized to you?"

Klaus: "..."

Weltfrieden: "So, again mein qvestion: warum bist du ein Nazi?"
Bedtime Bear
He's arguably one of the most interesting/important Care Bears when you think about it. Bedtime Bear's incredibly daunting caring mission is making sure everyone on Earth is getting enough REM sleep, whether that entails helping a young child overcome their fear of the dark or curing an overworked adult's insomnia. Remember those individual-specific tummy symbol abilities I mentioned earlier? Apparently his gives him the ability to do the Vulcan mind meld Care Bear style when people are asleep. He's psychic. He and the toucan should start a club.

And on top of it all he works solo. When I was little I kind of assumed he and Wish Bear did night missions together, but since he's the only Care Bear who consistently sleeps through the day, well, there goes that theory. So Bedtime Bear rarely works or interacts with the rest of the family...  fascinating. He must operate outside of the entire caring mission infrastructure, then. He can't eat at the Hall of Hearts' cafeteria if no one is awake to serve food, take orders over the cloud car radio if Tenderheart isn't around to give them, and can't buddy up with another bear if none of them are awake. What an odd existence this character must lead, waking up to a seemingly uninhabited cloudy kingdom every twilight, then occupying the rest of his time by exploring other peoples dreams... why was there never an episode about this?

Well, at least I know what character type Bedtime Bear is: introvert. You'd have to be to enjoy a job like that. Fünfzig Reichsmarks says Cheer Bear would be talking to a crudely constructed cloud bear within the first week.


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