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Noble Heart Is Best Founder by ThisCrispyKat
Noble Heart Is Best Founder
As far as the Nelvana timeline in concerned, the Kingdom of Caring appears to've been founded near the tail-end of the 20th century, DiC is kind of timeless, but AiCaL and Welcome to Care-a-Lot actually make mention to previous generations of Care Bears, however vaguely. If I remember correctly, in AiCaL Grumpy Bear briefly brings up a grandparent in relation to a bumbleberry recipe, and in WtCaL the Kingdom of Caring evidently had a golden age of piracy and recognized precious metals as legal tender. Even more bizarrely, Tenderheart is the descendant of the Care Bear equivalent of Blackbeard. That got me thinking "how far back does the CBF go according to this universe?" Centuries at least. Were they around during the medieval period? I mean, if your reason for existing is to alleviate mankind's suffering and spread tolerance, you were pretty damn late to the party, stumbling into the room on the threshold of the 1980s of all places. All the hard stuff was done and over with. We really could've used a few fuzzy wuzzies talking some sense into those bloody barons and angry witch-burners.

What do you mean it'd be too depressing for the kids, seeing an episode where Cheer Bear's great-great-great-great-great-grandmother consoles the last-surviving member of a family ruthlessly struck down by the Black Death? Your point? The Plague was a thing, tell them to man up and deal with it. And show them another spider while you're at it.

Then I was struck with the sudden desire to draw 1700s horsedad rocking a ponytail and cloak. Can't forget the Rococo tummy symbol, all ye olde Care Beasts need an emblem such as that!
A Mother Son Moment
I always wanted to give Cheer and Champ Bear a pink son, I just couldn't settle on a name, emblem, or caring mission for the little guy. Inspiration finally came in the form of ein guter Freund of mine, someone who, sadly, doesn't always surround themselves with the most mentally healthy people in the world and consequentially ends up taking a lot of verbal abuse. This is bad enough to begin with, but to make matters even worse they take it all to heart.

"They shouldn't listen to other peoples' opinions of them if those people literally never have anything polite to say," I thought "I wish they wouldn't let the shitty attitudes of a few uneducated, self-centered, adult bullies devoid of mirror neurons and with mommy and daddy issues comin' out ye olde wazoo hold the reigns to their happiness and self esteem like that."

Enter Blue Ribbon Bear, a cub who's going to get a lot of flak from humans and magical antagonists alike for the colour for his fur when he grows up. What? "Lotsa Heart's pink, why doesn't he get any flak?" well, number one, he's Lotsa Heart Elephant, you know, Mr. Able To Balance Four Cloud Trees On The Tip Of His Trunk? So maybe nobody's brave enough to say it to his tusks. And number two, maybe he does and we just don't know it. Point being, he'll let it eat at him for awhile, maybe even dye his fur yellow like his dad's to end the witty jabs and clever put-downs, but eventually he'll just get sick of it and realize that allowing the people who respect you the least to have the most say when it comes to your sense of self worth isn't very smart.

It's kinda like asking Stalin "so, what's National Socialism like?" and expecting to get a fair, unbiased response delivered in a calm, unemotional manner.

Blue Ribbon was initially going to be named Good Sport Bear, and what is a good sport? Well, essentially it's someone whose good mood and positive attitude isn't influenced by whether they've won or lost. They can't control whether or not their game goes well, but they are in control of their own outlook on the situation. They can choose to sulk as if a close relative had just died or go apeshit like a genderbent Donald Duck on her period, or realize that it's not the end of the world and later they can engage in some other activity for that hit of dopamine, perhaps curling up with a good book, listening to music or, if they don't already have a hobby, to find one.

Blue Ribbon's going to be the type of bear who can lock eyes with No Heart as the warlock delivers some scathing remark about seeing bunny slippers less pink and more intimidating than he is, then grin from ear to fuzzy ear and shoot back "Really? I didn't know anorexic KKK rejects wore intimidating bunny slippers!", and he'll teach others to catch the mudballs of nonconstructive personal attacks, see it for the petty, small-minded henpecking that it really is, and pitch it back at the assailant either with a laugh or the disinterested silence it deserves.

I'll bet he's got a really corny motto, something cringey and slathered in 80s like: "win or lose, keep your real friends close and your spirits high, and you'll always come out on top!"
Care Bear House Interior (Midnight)
Even in the dead of night, a Care Bear's home isn't pitch black. They must save a bundle on electricity. Wait... does Care-a-Lot have electricity? ... Come to think of it, I don't think I saw a single light bulb in that show. I saw lamps, but there was always a star buddy in place of the bulb. I did see a television, though. Twice. And what appeared to be some kind of broadcasting station. The only channels are Grams Bear's Cooking Corner and The Pat and Mikey Show, a cartoon in which two hand puppets (one appearing to be Caucasian, the other bronze-skinned and black-haired) repeatedly bludgeon each other over the head with mallets. Klaus, did you...?

General Klaus: "I vas initially going to call it History in eine Nutshell."


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