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Make Bulgaria Great Again!
United States


Friends Never Say Goodbye
That's a blast from the past, huh? It probably wasn't obvious since I'm a reclusive little rolly polly who doesn't know how to talk about stuff, but until relatively recently Katanarkao (formerly General Palladium) and I weren't on speaking terms. Although, bizarrely, it wasn't because we were cross with one another. Well, I was convinced he was cross with me for months, but it turns out he'd really just cut ties in an act of misguided altruism because he valued my friendship so much and, and... this is probably creating more questions than it's answering. :meow:

TL;DR He needed some alone-time but now we're Alte Kameraden again still. That's why Klaus' best frienemy hasn't reared his crested head in the better part of a year.

True story: when he contacted me a few months ago explaining the hasty departure and expressing a desire to rekindle the friendship, muscle memory forgot which of my hands was dominant for a week and I performed a series of household chores in an untypical fashion in a daze. "What constitutes as an untypical chore?" to name one, lathering soap into the bristles of your hairbrush. With the stabilizing pole to a barbell. In an unlit bathroom well after midnight. It's funny because you think I'm joking. Apparently when I'm jolted, the little Funkersoldaten upstairs just set fire to their equipment and dance naked in the bunker.

In spite of my outwardly mentally deranged behavior at the time, I was inwardly ecstatic, and immediately after finishing the, uh, "special chores" and replying to the note, it was time to open the floodgates and cease the suppression of an impulse more powerful than the urge to invade Poland: my clinically undiagnosed, obsessive need to draw semi-homoerotic Palladiaus (Klaudium?) art. This time with the help of some appropirately titled music, both in their circumstances and mine.

Let's hope a situation like that never arises again, who knows what my brain might delete next time. Might wake up with a hammer and sickle armband, kneeling in front of Lenin's corpse. :faint:

Klaus: "Henri, you... you... Idioten! Do you know vhat zuh punishment für desertion vas back in mein day?"

Palladium: "Oui, your day was my day, too. You forget that I am also a général, Mon Général. Now, drop zee military facade and admeet that you missed moi."

Klaus: "Like I miss zuh Sird Reich!"

Palladium: "So what you are saying eez you cannot live without cock."

Klaus: "Go ahead vith your antics, ich bin zu glücklich to even get flustered."

Palladium: "Très bien! Because I was just about to ask you about zee death spiral we are currently engaged in. Eez zees not zee eagle's way of asking "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?"

Palladium © :iconkatanarkao:
Making More Time
5th Doctor: "-- And that's how you play cricket."

Adric: "I don't understand, Doctor."

5th Doctor: "Really? I should think this would be a breeze for a young stallion of your intellect!"

Adric: "No, what I mean is I don't understand why Equestrian ponies want to spend the whole day knocking a ball around an empty field. Wouldn't they rather be doing math instead?"

5th Doctor: "Most ponies would rather do anything but, actually. However, there was this pegasus pony I met in a previous regeneration, Wind Whistler. Like a calculator with hooves, that one."

Achtung! 5th Doctor spoilers ahead!

I've reached the 6th Doctor and season 22. I always seem to post these doctors only at the tail-end of their run, have you ever noticed that? Peter Davison wasn't a terrible doctor, but sandwiched inbetwixt Spookyteeth McScarfgod and Bilbo the Technicolour Time Lord he was just sort of... lackluster. I think the director was going for that "80s pretty boy" look, perhaps trying to pull in more female viewers. It didn't work on me, I'm not into conventional young dandies, I like unconventional silvered eccentrics like our Time Lord and Savior, Jon Pertwee.

The one time #5 really stood out to me as an individual was that one scene where his young companion, Adric, is pouting over not being taken seriously and not spending as much time with the Doctor as Nyssa and Tegan. Like a guilty father, the Doctor finally agrees to spend more time with Adric. Of course, that was all shortly before he... before he... oh, Adric. ;u;

May a flight of weeping angels sing thee to thy-- actually, I shouldn't say that. I haven't reached the angels yet, they might sound horrible, like strangled turkeys with bad colds for all I know. May a flight of, er, Daleks sing thee to thy rest, then.

Would You Like A Jelly Foal
Romarena: "Doctor, that's just a tree."

Dr. Whooves: "Just a tree! What's that supposed to mean? Trees are magnificent lifeforms! Why, they buffer noise, reduce wind, provide shade, oxygen--"

Romarena: "Firewood."

Dr. Whooves: "Well, now you've gone and upset him."

Romarena: "You're ridiculous. Trees don't have feelings."

K9: "Negative, Mistress: sensors detect neural activity in perennial organism's root system."

Romarena: "You mean it can think?"

K9: "Affirmative."

Dr. Who: "I believe someone is owed an apology."

Romarena: "Oh... very well. I'm sorry, Doctor."

Dr. Who: "Not me, apologize to the tree."

I'm on the 19th season and 5th Doctor now. I'm going to miss that scarf. :saddummy:

Whooves' companion, in case any non-Whovians were curious, is an alicorn because his cannon companion (a fellow Time Lord Lady) regenerated into the likeness of an alien princess they'd met on their travels. Also, if any veteran Whovians are reading, you need to explain that to me. Preferably without spoilers. I mean, I thought regeneration was this serious potentially life-threatening thing that happens to Time Lords when accident or old age "kills" them, The Doctor always seems dissatisfied with the appearance of a new body at first implying that he can't choose his features, and then there's all this stuff I've been hearing for a season or two about Time Lords only being able to regenerate 12 times (which I only just now realized correlates to the number of hours represented on a clockface. I'm a dummkopf.) but Romana went through bodies like she was mashing the randomize button in a Sims' character creator, what gives?

And I don't know why he's covered in jelly foals, perhaps he was deliberately rolling in them... what? Would you really put it past him? He could be doing that offscreen every time Romana looks away, you don't know.
Public Enemies
Crotchety Old Man: "Dirty hippies! That music's destroyin' America!

Friend Horse: "Did you hear that, Friend Bear? Our music is lethal."

Friend Bear: "So that's how it's gonna go down? Not Redcoats, not the Civil War, not nukes--"

Friend Horse: "Nope, music. Terrible, horrible, scary music."

Friend Bear: "I'm shaking."

Friend Horse: "Man, if music was that bad the brass'd be launching Beatles records at the Russians."

Friend Bear: "Better Beatles records than missiles. I want them to launch Within You Without You first."

Friend Horse: "And wrap the records up with some cling film and pot brownies. To cushion the fall, of course."

Friend Bear: "Of course."

Oh, please, have you two seen Soviet-era art? They were already abusing drugs. Looks like the Kingdom of Caring's Founding Stoners have made their way to Brooklyn. I'd say "too bad they visited during the Summer of Love instead of the 21st century, evidently modern Brooklyn is hipster ground zero so the pedestrians wouldn't turn up their noses at the music."

But hipsters have horrible taste in-- well, everything, actually. Their useless college courses must include classes on how to take no pointers from the beautiful interior styles of the past, the names of the worst artists in human history,and how to do... whatever the opposite of colour coordinating is called. If I walked into someone's room and saw exposed red brickwork, mustache-printed couch pillows, and a plastic stag's head mounted next to a bunch of Picasso/Pollock "paintings," I just might have to brutally murder the occupant.


No journal entries yet.


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