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Liberty or Death!
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Nein Herr Schindler I Expect You To Die
Comic book Klaus just might end up replacing poor old Care Cousin Klaus, he's fast becoming my favorite version of the feathered Fascist! It must be a relief for Klaus too, can you imagine how frustrating it must be, trying to pick out a top in 2016 that pulls off that 1888 chic and accommodates wings? Speaking of wardrobe OH MEIN GOTT YOU'RE NOT IN UNIFORM WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE GENERAL?

Plus, grungy comic style allows for a lot more detail than his normal, toony look. I can finally do that scar of his justice. Toon-Klaus' scar is a bayonet wound, but the Fates evidently hate the left side of Comic-Klaus' face, as he sports a combination bayonet/shrapnel wound. Can you even see out of that eye? Quick, is this a jackboot or a halibut? ... Wrong. The correct answer was haliboot.

There's a Canadian joke in there somewhere, but I'm too lazy to ponder it out.
Sang Impur
Nope, that's not Klaus, it's the heraldic red eagle of the flag of Nice, France. Soon DeviantArt will be awash with tearful artworks mourning the dead but I just couldn't bring myself to do the same, I don't feel sad, I feel pissed. Both at the perpetrator cowardly, slithering low-life viper twisted enough to mow down a crowd of unarmed civilians instead of doing the world a favor and putting a bullet in his own sick brain, and the French Prime Minister spineless sniveling SJW bed-wetting thumb-sucker too politically correct to get tough and do his Gott verdammt job, namely protecting his citizens from this ceaseless carousel of slaughter.

"Learn to live with terrorism?" is he daft? Quick! Dig up de Gaulle, he's spinning so fast you can use him as an alternative energy source! Can you even imagine Bush saying that to us after 9/11? He'd have gone the way of Kennedy. And if YouTube's comment section is any indication, the reaction of the French citizenry is equally disturbing. In the wake of this attack I don't think I've come across a single Frenchmen who realizes the mounting danger their country is in. They're bizarrely calm and forgiving, the words "stockholm syndrome" repeatedly come to mind as I read them. "Make love, not war" or "fight not hate with hate" seems to be their rallying cry.

Yes, because appeasement vorked so vell für Frankreich zuh last time, ja?
Zootopia-Farthingwood Crossover by ThisCrispyKat
Zootopia-Farthingwood Crossover
Requested by :iconheadphones-uk:, (AKA that guy who does the Animals of Farthing Wood reviews) who wanted a picture of Fox recounting one of his zany adventures to Nick.

It's probably about that one time he went to the inner city stark naked and still managed to outfox a store owner into giving him service. And don't even get me started on your wardrobe situation, Dash. If anyone asks, you're not from an alternate universe where highly evolved apes rule the roost, okay? From now on you're naturalists, and you're not breaking the law, you're just, uh... fighting the system! Yeah, that's it.
America's Founding Fuzzy Wuzzies by ThisCrispyKat
America's Founding Fuzzy Wuzzies
Yes, yes those are the Founding Fathers (or at least the 7 most famous ones I could remember without Wikipedia's help) as Care Bears/Care Cousins. They are, from left to right:

James Madison, America's littlest president. He was one of those short, sickly, bookish types, and spoke so quietly he was always being told to speak up when he took the floor. Not the likeliest hero of a brave new nation, but that only makes him more awesome! The quill and ink well emblem was chosen as he is often referred to as the Father of the Constitution.

Benjamin Franklin, who hardly needs any introduction, but he's so awesome I can't stop myself flapping my gums about him. This guy was always up to something, it's like he had an inextinguishable fire under his ass 24/7 from cradle to grave. Impersonating a feminist widow before feminism existed, running away from home (which was illegal at the time), traveling abroad, inventing this whimsical fairy tale instrument amongst other more practical things, learning to play several instruments including the guitar, deliberately fucking around with lightning, helping to found what would later become one of the most powerful nations on Earth, and that's barely half the stuff he did. I need to comb the history books and figure out what they were feeding this man.

Thomas Jefferson. Tom and I have something in common: we both really, really, really love France. He was a sucker for French cuisine and was once U.S. minister to France. He also loved to play the violin, and was so good at it he could've put Charlie Daniels to shame. Well, that's before he injured his wrist trying to jump a fence (I misspelled that as "jump a French" like five times before I finally got it right) at the Cours-la-Reine in Paris. I really want to know what he was trying to accomplish. I also kinda wish cellphones existed back then so John Adams could've recorded the incident and uploaded a "Thomas Jefferson eats shit for 10 hours" video on LibertyTube. The joke is that Adams hated Jefferson's guts.

George Washington, aka Best President. Do I even need to go on? Deaf and blind feral children raised by hatchetfish at the bottom of the Mariana Trench know who George "The Granddaddy of All Badasses" Washington is. Where do I start? Founding Father, military general, a gentleman, an excellent dancer, the original Commander in Chief, and all that despite a limited education! Nothing could kill this guy, he survived diphtheria, tuberculosis, smallpox, dysentery, and malaria amongst other things. But in spite of his badassery, Senpai Washington was still a polite dog lover who enjoyed eating ice cream with his friends.

To top it all off, he was a total stud. That portrait of him on the dollar bill does not do him justice, George Washington was sex on legs, and old age only made him more fabulous. And I'm not the only one who thinks so, Lafayette's wife (yes, that Lafayette) had a huge crush on him, and Lafayette didn't even care. He was like "Oui, I cannot blame her, you are très magnifique, non?" Hell, if he wasn't married to a member of the opposite sex I'd say Lafayette was smitten too, seems every time he opened his mouth he was fanboying over George. Who can blame him? Just imagine George Washington sitting atop his noble steed, Nelson, removing his hair ribbon with one quick, elegant gesture and shaking that shimmering silver mane amidst a thundering hail of British cannon fire.

Imagine it... fine, don't imagine it Loyalist swine.

Samuel Adams. All I know about him is that beer companies often use his likeness since he was a brewer, I also know he played a key role in the organization of the Boston Tea Party. So... I know him for making liquid and throwing other peoples' liquid into liquid.  

John Adams. He was the first U.S. president to also be a lawyer, he even came to the defense of the British soldiers who fired into a mob of Americans, killing five men, during the Boston Massacre of 1770. To be fair, we were throwing stuff at them. If you don't want to get shot, "assault an armed guard" probably shouldn't be at the top of your to-do list. Did you know he wanted Americans to refer to George Washington as "His Majesty" or "Highness?" I don't know, His Majesty General George Washington of the United States of America sounds pretty badass to me.

And last but not least, John Hancock. Merchant, smuggler, and expert fancy-pants signature-writer, he stands out since you'd think a man with that kind of wealth and social standing would support the British Empire, but nope! Patriot. I made him a Dominique rooster, America's oldest breed of chicken. They're flashy and instantly recognizable, just like Mr. Hancock!


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